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Laura, 27, 'I first tried this site after breaking up with my boyfriend, he called me a prude after we finished (not the nicest guy in the end) and I wanted to mess around/prove him wrong after we ended things. On my first meet up I was very nervous but also excited, when we went back to his place I got so turned on purely from the anxiety that came with it and from thinking how little I actually knew him, I was really just forced then to throw my worries aside and go with the flow.'

Will, 31, 'What a gold mine, just full of ladies who are ready to get down to business, most of the time you don't even need to buy them a drink! must have spiked the well.'

Sarah, 30, 'I move around for business trips often and always wish I knew people who wanted to go out in the areas I'm in. Using this site was a great decision, no point in being bored all night and sleep alone in my hotel.'

Elaina, 33, 'I'm not a high maintenance girl at all, I just want attention, I've had a couple meet ups with guys from this site and they've been great - give me what I want and you just might get what you want in return. ;)'