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How Do Personal Ads Work?

Personal ads or adult personals are advertisements posted on dating sites by men and women who enjoy one night stand dating. They're a convenient way to find good potentials for casual encounters and they're quite popular; ShagAStranger receives thousands of new naughty ads every week. All you need to access them is a free account. If you're keen on trying easy shag dating, sign up now and go through all our user ads to find yourself someone to shag tonight!

Go From Naughty Ads To Adult Contacts

Going through hundreds of naughty ads can get tedious after a while. Sure, it's convenient, but who has the time or energy to go through a bunch of ads every time they want a shag? Adult contacts are what you really need. After you initially search our database for good potentials, see if you can turn a few of them into regular contacts you can depend on for regular fun. It'll save you the effort of having to search for good ads every single time you go online. It also has the potential of leading to a "friends with benefits" type of relationship, which is ideal for anyone with a large appetite!

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A common question asked by people new to online dating is: are the adult personals found on dating sites from people near my location? The answer is yes! ShagAStranger only targets specific regions so you don't have to worry about running into ad made by someone who lives in at an unreasonable distance a from you. This is all done to make life easier for you, the end- user. Sign up today and see the many other features offered by ShagAStranger. Remember, a basic account is FREE!