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For people who feel an urge to get under the sheets with new partners frequently, most of whom you barely know, then this is the site for you. There is a very unique feeling that comes with exposing yourself to a stranger and sleeping together after having just met. What’s more is that many people are starting to enjoy the thrill of it and are constantly trying to find more ways to increase its occurrence. On our site it is common that people meet up without spending much time getting to know one another and get busy in the bedroom without the expectation of staying in contact with one another after it’s over.

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There is no doubt that it’s a thrilling experience, you’re sharing your body with someone you barely know, and being intimate without being tied to the person romantically or even necessarily as friends. It’s an adventure for pleasure seekers who want to make their night time meet ups quick and easy, the added spice of them being strangers really makes it more of a wild experience. If it’s your first time, careful, it’s exhilarating and addictive; you may never go back to traditional dating again.

Why It's Better Than Traditional Dating

Throughout our recent history; sleeping with others has been considered something that should not happen without a strong connection, there is unspoken pressure from everyone in society to make you believe that you shouldn’t sleep with many people – especially if you’re a women - so when you shag a stranger of course it’s going to feel exhilarating and liberating because you’re doing something which is against the rules in a sense. You’re completely going against what society pushes you to do and at the same time, you barely know the person who you’re sharing your body with; it’s thrilling fun.